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Fast Friday – A documentary by David Rowe

Die Dokumentation „Fast Friday“ haben wir Anfang der Woche bei Tracko gesehen und möchten sie euch nicht vorenthalten.

Es ist 2006 in Seattle. David Rowe beschließt seinen Job zu kündigen und eine Dokumentation über die Hip-Hop-Szene Seattles zu drehen. Über einen Freund kommt er aber mit Dustin Klein, dem Gründer von Cadence und einer Ikone der Fixed-Gear-Kultur, in Kontakt. Klein organisiert monatlich den „Fast Friday“ und Rowe findet damit das Thema für seine Dokumentation.

Director David Rowe documents the emergence of the prolific track bike scene in Seattle Washington. Started by Cadence Clothing founder and fixed-gear rider Dustin Klein, the monthly cycling event known as “Fast Friday” has grown into a showcase of today’s most talented riders. Fast Friday began as a few friends gathering in the basement of Dustin’s studio, but quickly outgrew its roots developing into a well known event where over a hundred track bike enthusiasts gathered in July 2007 for the largest Fast Friday to date. Watch through the eyes of the various alcohol-fueled characters that build a positive community based around alley cat races, trick competitions, and various other events designed to test the skills of urban bicyclists. The positivity of the Seattle scene has inspired countless events to spring up in other cities around the world. Mirroring the early days of skateboarding, many wonder where the sport will go next.


via Trackosaurus Rex

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