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Shut Up Legs trifft: Café du Cycliste

Café du Cycliste zählt zu einem unserer Lieblingshersteller von Radkleidung. Beheimat im Süden Frankreichs an der Côte d’Azur repräsentieren ihre Stücke den „Classic French style“, wie sie es nennen. Wir konnten mit Remi Clermont, einem der Gründer und Creative Director von Café du Cycliste sprechen und ihn zu seiner Leidenschaft, Vergangenheit und zukünftigen Plänen der Marke befragen.


Shut Up Legs: First of all, thank you for answering our questions today. In case people haven’t heard of Café du Cycliste. Who are you and what are you doing?

Café du Cycliste offers a selection of finely tailored, high-performance bike apparel for both men and women.

SUL: What is the brand representing?

a843e8d1a906d815a86b40b56fa17150Just as we believe that form should follow function, we also believe your own style should always reflect your roots. Being based in Nice on the Cote d’Azur, we combine the kind of sartorial finesse you would expect from the famously elegant French Riviera with our region’s strong cycling culture. The result is a collection that will take you from open road performance to café table with ease.

SUL: Tell us about the beginning of Café du Cycliste. When did you start and why?

11We started in an actual café, a perfect mid-ride coffee stop nestled in the hills 40km above Nice. A place with all the atmosphere of a classical French café and a fascinating mix of cyclists, local people, workers and tourists.
This is where the original idea came to life. In this melting pot of passionate cyclists and a traditional French café crowd, it appeared as if there was a real need for a  range of cycling gear that was both technical and elegant. It was while sharing a post ride hot chocolate one winter day in 2010 that we made the decision to create the brand and start the adventure.

SUL: What did the early days of the brand look like?

To be honest, we still consider ourselves to be in the early days but the ‘very early’ days were incredibly interesting. The work on the first collection was fascinating: meeting with factories and fabric makers, working with our designer and friends in this industry, building and testing our first prototypes…
Back then my only goal was to get that first collection out and I naively thought that it would automatically sell if the products were good.

SUL: What is your inspiration? And what motivates you to develop the brand?

d47ddc286cfc436c96e3f9ba57cdfdb4We aim to make clothing which are a true reflection of who riders are as opposed to what the traditional cycling world is telling them they should be.
We love cycling as a sport, a leisure pursuit, a fitness solution,  a social experience, a commuting method and for a whole host of other reasons. As a result, riding is a completely integral part of our life so our cycling wear is as well.

SUL: We love your „Guide to riding in nice and the côte d’azur“. Is there any particular climb you like the most?

I’d have to say the Col de Turini, a real alpine climb just above Nice. Not only is it very challenging and equally scenic but there are so many routes and options that you can climb it for days without doing the same ride twice. I especially love the “secret” top loop that start from the Turini col and takes you in to the national park and up above 2000 meters.

SUL: Stage 17 of the 2015 Tour de France will be from Digne-les-bains to pra-loup. Thats in your backyard. Are you planning to visit the tour on that stage and will there be a tour de france special to celebrate that event?

I actually have a family house in a small village on the route of this stage so for sure I will be there with my Dad – riding, watching the race and enjoying the atmosphere.

SUL: What are your plans for 2015. Can we expect some new stuff this year?

ddc469059000d260b3fce0b7c071153bWe have many plans for 2015. Of course, first and foremost, we’ll be growing our product range with some exciting new pieces. But we are also looking at  hosting events and possibly establishing a place in Nice to welcome riders to our beautiful region and fabulous routes . Stay tuned!

SUL: Thank you very much for the interview, Remi. We feel honored that you took some time for us. We’re looking forward to see new products of Café du Cycliste!

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