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Shut Up Legs trifft: Dustin Klein

Portlands Tausendsassa Dustin Klein dürfte euch sicher nicht nur durch seine Marke Cadence Collection bekannt sein. Daneben designed er für Chrome Industries, sticht Tattoos und dreht Videos auf Youtube. Wir freuen uns sehr das er keine Sekunde gezögert hat als wir ihm ein Interview vorschlugen.

Shut Up Legs: Hello Dustin. Let’s start with a short introduction. Could you tell us who you are and where you live?

Photo by Matt Reyes

Dustin: I am Dustin Klein a Maker and Creator based out of Portland OR.

SUL: From our perspective it seems that you’re a jack of all trades. (Tattoo)Artist, Business Owner, Designer and passioned bike rider to name a few things. How would you describe yourself and what of these things do you like the most?

Dustin: I am a creative polymath. I love problem solving and the satisfaction of completing a project of any form. I intuitively flow form project to project my favorite project is the one I have just completed.

Photo by Matt Reyes

SUL: Last year we saw you repainting a Bombtrack Hook Ext, a bike we were able to test at Bombtracks Groundwork Event. Why did you choose this bike and how did you came up with this cool looking but complex Camo paint?

Dustin: I wanted a Carbon bike that could accept large tires and fenders. The Bombtrack seemed to be the best match for me. I was inspired to paint the bike camo to give it a unique feel, go through the process of painting a bike with a spraygun and have it match the environment it was going to live in..the woods.

SUL: Talking about bikes. You own many of them. Do you have a favourite one?

Dustin: I love bikes! I really enjoy experimenting with different set ups. Ultimately I see them as tools each bike serves a unique propose for me. My favorite bike is the one that fits the terrain I am about to ride.

Photo by Brenton Salo

SUL: You live in Portland, a City with a strong alternative culture and a big cycling community. What do you love and what do you hate in Portland?

Dustin: I love the ability to live in a place with great cycling right from home, the ability to own a house and have space for many projects. I hate nothing about where I live.

SUL: Let’s get back to your tattoos. I guess you invented the term permanent markings or made it popular at least. It perfectly describes your minimalistic tattoo-patterns. When did you come up with it and how did you develop this characteristic style?

Photo by Matt Reyes

Dustin: I had always wanted to tattoo even before I started Cadence. My path took a different way then in 2013 I decided with the help of my Wife to get a machine and start tattooing myself and friends. I knew I wanted to make tattoos differently. I have always though of it like this: “I am an artist using the tattoo medium, not a tattoo artist.“

SUL: You recently launched a new collection together with Chrome Industries. What’s your favourite piece of the collection and why?

Dustin: I am very excited about this new collection. All the pieces work seamlessly together sharing materials and style. I would say the Vest might be my favorite piece of this collection. Functional, subtle reflective and it works perfectly for long rides or casual living.

SUL: Thank you so much for the interview Dustin. It was a pleasure to have you featured. Good luck with your next projects. We will keep an eye on your channels!

Dustin: Thank you for the opportunity! People should check out my videos series “Everything’s Been Done” to follow along with the adventures.

Instagram: @dustinklein_

Photo by Brenton Salo

Beitragsfoto: Brenton Salo